Hundarna/The Dogs

Such Dragon Spirit Green Dragoness Seze Ace of Beton Easy Going "Inez" Dragon Spirit Dreamfairy Dew "MYRAN"




from past co-owned /tidigare samägda;


Dragon Spirit Breaking News, aka Malva; BEST BM FEMALE 2013!



Dogs owned and loved from the past, all in my memory^;

Siri; Bullero´s Velvet Touch 2008-04-15-2014-06

My true soulmate B-litter & Seze´s mum;

ED 0/0




Mental status känd


heart clear (mitralis ostiet) & (aorta stenos)




090411 Stockholm; CC, BOS, judge Åke Cronander


090606 Norberg, Speial show BM`s, juniorclass nr 1, CK nr 5(reserv) , judge Andreas Kirschstein


We did compete some in obidience, clever girl with all skills! <3










Present dogs/ hundar vi har nu

Mentalbeskrivning; BPH genomförd



female, born 2011-05-21





Exellent, CK, nr 4 best bitch, Judge Pocas Joao Vasco


Västerås 2012-04-28 only 11mounths old;


Exellent, CK nr 4 best bitch, Judge Carl Gunnar Stafberg


Älvsjö, judge Bas Bosch; Exellent nr 4 best bitch. Critics;



Malva och barnen; Oskar & Moa Nela & Malva valp.



Exellent type. Very nicely prop. Still a bit unmature looking. Lovely head.


Truely exellent in all parts, perhaps her eye could be a bit smaller;but thats it.


Decent bone. Suffient strong pasterns & feet. Angulation front-behind ----.


Lovely underline. Nice ribs. Decent tailset. Clean cut muscles troughout.


Lovely condition. Impressive on the move.


2013 10 Mars Exellent, CK nr 2 best bitch, judge Petra Junehall


CERT, 2kk!



Dragon Spirit Breaking News, aka Malva tar reserv CERT, kkl 2, judgeMELCHIOR MARIE-JOSÉE


2013 25 May Exellent, CK, nr 2 best bitch, CERT ( CC), judge SPRUYT DIRK


2013-08-18 Eskilstuna, exellent, CK nr 2 best bitch CACIB, judge Lena Stålhandske


2013-09-14 Gimo, exellent BIR (BOS) judge Svein Helgesen



2012 Dragon Spirit Breaking News, rank #10 best female


2013 BOS, Best female in Sweden


Owner Fam Ståhl


Lydnadsdiplom för våra tävlingar i lydnad.

Such Nuch Red Dragon av Showmann


2004-2012; first years co-owned

There are loads of great memories with this fantastic companion.




RIP <3. A very very loved girl went over to the rainbowbridge in the beginning of 2012..


Isa got a litter for Old Manila & Showmann








Ferdhu Morag, imp Scottland, Stella Del Paese, imp Germay







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